Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dolphin Trek - A Fantastic Experience!

Experience the magic of interacting with dolphins in a whole new way.

Dolphin Cove's Dolphin Trek Experience allows you the opportunity to play with your fascinating dolphin friends on the sea floor!

With the well trained Dolphin Trek staff you always feel so safe!  The helmet has constant air circulating through it and makes you feel like an astronaut, discovering a whole new world!

Imagine walking along the bottom of the dolphin lagoon on a stone path, viewing colorful sea life along the way.  A well trained guide leads you on the excursion.

Enjoy the Sea Life!
A trainer then guides a dolphin to you.  You get to hold the dolphin and get a kiss or two (against your helmet).

Group Hug!
Belly Rub!

Interacting with dolphins this way, in the quiet of the under sea experience is so serene.  Even though you are under water with other guests, when the dolphin kisses you against your helmet you almost feel like it's just you and that amazing dolphin in the tranquility of the sea floor.

Experience the Tranquility

A wonderful experience not to be missed!!

I did it myself and had a blast.  The trainer actually commented that I never stopped smiling and looked like an excited child that had never seen a dolphin.   The secret is....that's exactly how I felt!

Too Excited!!


  1. Just like dolphins Argyll, it's a great adventure in there. Nice photos. Looks like you really enjoy.

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