Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Beta - Our Mischievous Dolphin!

Beta is one of our beautiful Dolphins here at Dolphin Cove. 

She always has a mischievous look in her eye and is so very smart!

Too Cool!
"Can you do this?"

When she is not hanging with her best friend Cometa ....which is normally very funny as they look like two old ladies gossiping as they swim practically "fin" in "fin"'ll normally find her chasing fish and searching for treasures at the bottom of her natural lagoon.

Beta and her BFF Cometa
End of their program DC superstars and BFFs jump together

Just to show how smart this girl is...the trainers actually started rewarding her for bringing different objects that may have drifted in with the tide and settled at the bottom of the lagoon to help keep the lagoon clean.

Beta actually started hiding objects and bringing them up when she felt like being rewarded.  One such object was a garbage bag that a trainer had in his kayak, Beta managed to steal the bag from the kayak and hide it in the bottom of the lagoon.  She was asked to retrieve it but instead of bringing the entire bag (thereby getting only one reward) she would tear the bag one small piece at a time and hand it to the trainer .... getting multiple rewards. 

As much as the trainers searched they could not find her little hiding place and so had to wait until she had completely torn the bag and brought it back piece by piece.  This took almost a week.

Months later after a trainers gold necklace went missing .... the trainers did eventually find Beta's hiding place under a large rock....and stuffed in a hole below the rock ...was a snorkeling mask, some keys, a couple ship cards that had dropped into the lagoon and the trainers gold necklace.

Beta still has her special hiding spot but has since moved the location....again leaving the handlers in the dark about her secret place.

Beta is a unique Dolphin with a unique personality and a mischievous heart that only makes her handlers and the staff of Dolphin Cove love her more and you will too!

Beautiful Beta in her first modelling gig!

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