Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dolphin Cove Negril

Nestled right on the coast near the town of Lucea you will find Dolphin Cove, Negril; surrounded by beauty and overlooking the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. 

Rolling Hills to the Back....
....Beautiful Caribbean Sea in the front!

Dolphin Cove, Negril is home to our family of beautiful Bottlenose Dolphins, 2 gentle camels, 2 nurse sharks, 4 stingrays (barbs clipped) and a family of flamboyantly colored peacocks.

Meet our Dolphins!

Proud Father
Happy Mother and her Babies

Pet and play with Sharks!

Guests will enjoy petting the camels and interacting with the stingrays.  There is also a lovely beach area right in front of the stingray lagoon where guests can relax on complimentary beach chairs. 

Camel pet!
Interacting with stingrays!

Our touch tank is filled with exotic sea creatures, like lobsters, sea urchins, star fish and more ... kids in particular love to be able to interact with these fascinating animals. 

There are so many exciting plans for the future of Dolphin Cove, Negril including a lazy river ending at a beautiful beach!  (shhhhh...that's a secret! but too exciting to keep quiet!)

We hope to see you all soon in beautiful Dolphin Cove Negril!

Leaping dolphins!

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