Thursday, 2 February 2012

Face your fear and swim with the sharks at Shark's Cove!

Even before the hit movie "JAWS" mankind has been fascinated with sharks, natures most well designed eating machine. 

At Dolphin Cove you have the opportunity to come face to face with the world's most feared creature, The Shark!

After a very in depth orientation about where and where NOT to put your hands, you wait with shaking knees as the Pirates of the Shark's Cove perform their rambunctious and hilarious shark would be laughing if you were not so nervous.

The Pirates then call upon YOU!! Their Victim! come and enter the shark's lagoon. 

Your last bit of courage in tacked you make your way down the floating dock, feeling very much like you are walking the plank, and descend into the lagoon with the pirates!  Your nerves now causing your heart to beat in time with the theme song for JAWS that is loudly playing from the speakers on the boardwalk. 

You soon relax as you realize that the Pirates are actually well trained Shark Encounter facilitators, who quickly, and in sync, gain control over all the sharks in the lagoon. 

You are then asked to have a seat on a submirged bench, at which point a very heavy shark is placed on your lap like a long lost cat!  You are in awe at the rough feel of the shark and at your own courageousness as you stroke the massive beast relaxing on your lap. 

Feeling like you can rule the world you grab hold of some shark bait handed to you by the Pirates and drop it in front of your new friends mouth!  Feel the power as the massive animal launches forward with every muscle in it's body instinctively contracting as if going to war!  You of course Scream!!

The pirates remove the animal and safely return you to the "Plank", before releasing the beasts to swim freely in their natural lagoon.

You've made it, all your fingers and all your toes! .... But it's not over..... armed with nothing more then a life vest, mask and snorkel you are sent into the lagoon to snorkel among these animals, that you are so happy you just help feed. 

This experience can be described as nothing short of amazing as, the pirates now snorkeling at your side, point out the animals swimming around you.

The ultimate test of courage. 

On your next visit to Dolphin Cove, join the Pirates and swim with their sharks at "Shark's Cove".

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  1. Hi,
    My daughter and I are going to be on a Carnival Cruise and the dolphin experience with Doctor's Cave is an option. It does not say anything about petting a shark, however, my daughter's dream is to be a marine biologist and work with sharks... SHE WOULD LOVE THIS! How do we get this experience? Can we do the excursion and ask to see the sharks first?