Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sea Keeper Program - Be a Trainer for the Day!

Imagine waking up in a tropical Island and heading to Dolphin Cove for an experience like no other.

When you chose to be a Sea Keeper you are choosing to spend the day working alongside top Dolphin Trainers and sharing in their love for these amazing Mammals.

You will assist in food preparation and Dolphin feeding sessions. 

The trainers will explain to you the hand signals that they use to communicate with the dolphins and then you will have the opportunity to use the signals you have learned to ask the Dolphins to perform behaviors; allowing you to experience dolphins in a totally new way.

While working in the Sea Keeper program you will also have the be working with sharks and stingrays, widening your appreciation for all the creatures of the Sea.

Dolphin Cove offers two Sea Keeper programs:

A 4 hour program which includes: A whistles, Notebook, Sea Keeper Certificate, 1 5X7 Photo and a Soda/Drink.


An 8 hour program which includes: All of the 4 hour program details, Lunch, Encounter Swim Program and a Program DVD.

At the end of the day you will receive a Sea Keeper Certificate to keep as a memento of your day as a Dolphin Trainer.

Who knows maybe these few hours amongst these wonderful creatures and amazing Animal Professional will start you on the path to a brand new career!

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