Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Dolphin Cove Myth - "El Fantasma"

Dolphin Cove has been open since 2001 and ever since the opening their has been stories of mysterious sightings of a Dolphin swimming along the outside of the dolphin lagoon.  Before anyone can take a picture, or even go near him, he disappears without a trace.

Phone calls have come in over the years from fishermen in Runaway Bay, 20 minutes West of Dolphin Cove, and Tower Isle, 20 minutes East of Dolphin Cove, of this lone Dolphin who wreaks havoc on the fishes in their fishing zone.

All sightings have given a description of a large dolphin with a white patch on his back that travels alone.

The Dolphin handlers, at Dolphin Cove, believe him to be a male as on his occasional visits all of the older females exhibit signs of coming on heat....perhaps he is very cute!!

He has been affectionately named, El Fantasma (a Spanish word meaning The Ghost), due to the fact that no one is able to come close to him without him vanishing.

Will we ever be able to come close enough to take a picture of this elusive Dolphin?  He really does seem to enjoy his occasional and random visits to drive our females wild!

On your next visit keep on the look out, just beyond the Dolphin Lagoon, maybe you will be the lucky one to finally get a picture of El Fantasma!

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  1. This is absolutely fascinating! We will have to look out for this mysterious, El Fantasma. Great Blog! Keep em coming!