Thursday, 9 February 2012

Get a Hug from an Iguana!

Do you love Iguana's? 

If you don't, you will after your visit to Dolphin Cove. 

Dolphin Cove has the most cuddly .... If it is at all possible ... Iguanas that you will ever meet. 

The Iguana's at Dolphin Cove lounge over your shoulder as if they were babies.  Anyone who thinks reptiles can't be loving, obviously don't know Dolphin Cove's Reptiles.

"The key is to treat them like they were your own children", one of the Dolphin Cove reptile handlers explained, "if you love them and care from them like they were your own babies, they will respond with trust and love."  Beautiful words and a testament to the love and dedication all the Dolphin Cove handlers have for the animals under their care.

The Iguanas at Dolphin Cove are fed on a diet of vegetables and fruits.  They receive daily visits from the in house vet and a lot of love from their handlers. 

So make sure you visit Dolphin Cove's reptiles and get a great big hug from one of these misunderstood and super loving creatures!

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