Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dolphin Cove Experience - Contestant : Lisa Morris

There is a first time for everything …and it won’t be the last!

In 2003 my husband and I visited Jamaica for the first time On August 11, 2003 we were married in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  The next day we visited Dolphin Cove.  We were very excited, but we did not know what joy we were about to experience with our first trip to Dolphin Cove. 

We arrived at Dolphin Cove and learned a little bit of history behind our new little friend.  Her name is Misty.  She is the only Jamaican dolphin in the Cove.   They found her up the beach, hurt and brought her to the cove to be rehabilitated.  After many attempts to return her to the ocean, Misty enjoyed playing with the humans so she got to stay in the cove. 

We got into the water with her, played and danced with her.  Absolutely, an amazing experience.  She brought calm to my heart and I felt like every stress in my body had just disappeared.   She really seemed to like my husband also, as this was his very first encounter with a dolphin.  She kept going up to him and flipped her tail against his legs.  The kind gentleman told us that she liked men with beards.   This really made me giggle. 

Lisa gets a kiss from Misty
TJ and Lisa pet Misty as she swims by

In 2008 we returned to Dolphin Cove for our 5 year anniversary.  We got down to the water to discover we were assigned to Misty again.   We couldn’t have been happier!  It was almost like she had remembered us.  Once again she greeted my husband as she did before.   

TJ and Misty
The feeling was just as before.  So calming and exciting at the same time.    
We look forward to returning for our 10th Anniversary in 2013 and we hope to get to swim with Misty.  Since we were unable to have kids, we have dubbed her as our ‘daughter’.   Every thought, every memory, brings back the feeling of sharing the water with these amazing creatures and being able to experience the intelligence and kindness of the wonderful and grateful dolphins there at Dolphin Cove. 

Lisa gets a Belly Ride from Misty
TJ getting a belly ride from Misty


  1. Beautiful story and great pictures.. Makes us want to go and meet Misty and the others!!!! Thank You for sharing.

  2. Great story! Love the pics! Dolphin Cove looks lovely. So glad you got to enjoy it twice and praying for a third visit for the two of you. :) That's my vote! Choose Ken and Lisa!

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  4. Thank you Christy and Angie. It was truly an amazing experience that I would recommend to ANYBODY!