Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dolphin Cove Experience-To-Be - Contestant : Chelsea Wolfe

I HAVE NEVER BEEN ANYWHERE HOT before and live in Manitoba, close to Winnipeg also known as Winterpeg. Where our winters are normally in the -30's and the summer on a good day are 25 degrees, nothing like dolphin cove. My poppa past away last May and left my parents some money, they decided to fulfill my lifelong dream and take my family and I to Jamaica where I’ll get the chance to swim with dolphins. WE are coming next week (SO EXCITED). The reason I want to swim with dolphins is simple, I love animals and swimming. My finance and I even moved 5 minutes away from the beach (very small but better than nothing) just so we can share our love with water with our two sons.  So I can't tell you my experience at Dolphin Cove but I can tell you what I hope. First of all ,  I want an experience of a lifetime, I want my oldest (age 7) to always remember this special trip and treasure it for the rest of his life ( he still doesn’t know we are coming , we are telling him the day before we leave :) )  He also takes on our love for the water and fish, (last month he asked to watch a movie so I said anything he wanted, he puts on Disney Oceans). His love for anything in the ocean is remarkable for his age!! So this trip is so very special for each and every one of us. I'm so excited for the shark show (my son is going to be the happiest boy in the world) and can't wait to experience the glass bottom kayaks (never done anything like this before).  I know this contest is about your past experience at Dolphin Cove but I decided it's worth a shot to tell you what I hope to experience.  SO in a few words what I hope to discover a fun loving environment for me and my family to bond and have new experiences. Please think of me for your contest! And thank-you for an amazing place to come and vacation!!!

A water loving family!


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