Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dolphin Cove's "Jelly Man" - Jamaica's Best

No trip to Jamaica would be complete without having some Ice Cold Coconut Water straight from the Coconut Shell.  

Fresh "Jelly Coconuts"!

Dolphin Cove is lucky enough to have the best “Jelly Man” in the Island.  Mr. Paris, A.K.A Coconut Man or Jelly Man, has worked with Dolphin Cove for several years.  You can expect on your journey to the beach to hear a joyful and true Jamaican greeting from the “Jelly Man”; his favorites being “Welcome to Dolphin Cove!!!”, “Wha Gwan!” (Meaning what’s happening?), or “No Problem Man!”

Dolphin Cove's "Jelly Man", Jamaica's # 1!
Always with a smile our Jelly Man, cuts the coconuts that he keeps chilled on ice for guests to enjoy.  He loves to explain to the guests the medicinal powers that the coconut water and jelly holds.  

Coconut water is a good source of many vitamins and minerals; it is used as a rehydration fluid, can help to eliminate excess alcohol from your body, and helps to maintain good kidney function.

Some guests take their coconut and relax on any one of the many complimentary beach chairs at our Pearly White Beach.  Can you imagine a more perfect tropical vacation…straight out of the movies!

Jelly Man always offers to spice up the Coconut with a little White Rum, a drink that has been popular amongst Jamaican for generations.

Coconuts, it’s water, it’s medicinal value and of course it’s delicious flavor particularly when mixed with a little rum, inspired the following lyrics from Harry Belafonte:

Coconut Woman by Harry Belafonte:

Coconut woman is calling out,
and every day you can hear her shout, x2
"Get you coconut water (Four for five!)
Man, it's good for your daughter (Four for five!)
Coco got a lot of iron (Four for five!)
Make you strong like a lion" (Four for five!)

A lady tells me the other day,
"Now, I can take a sweet man away"
I ask her, "What was the mystery?"
She said, "Coconut water and a rice curry.
You can cook it in a pot, (Four for five!)
You can serve it very hot, (Four for five!)
Coco got a lot of iron (Four for five!)
Make you strong like a lion" (Roar!)

Coconut woman says,
"You'll agree, coconut makes very nice candy.
The thing that's best when you're feeling glum,
Is coconut water with a little rum?
It could make you very tipsy, (Four for five!)
Make you feel like a gypsy. (Four for five!)
Coco got a lot of iron (Four for five!)
Make you strong like a lion." (Roar!) (Four for five!)

So make sure you complete your perfect Jamaican vacation with a visit to Dolphin Cove’s very own, and Jamaica's # 1, Jelly Man, Mr. Paris, and ask him for some Coconut Water with a Little Rum!

No Problem Man!!
For more on the medicinal value of Coconuts please see the link below:

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