Friday, 13 January 2012

Dolphin Cove Experience, Negril - Contestant : Kadene Lindsay

Let me first say that Dolphin Cove and its family are definitely far off the BEST FAMILY FUN ATTRACTION you’ll find in Jamaica.

My experience there has been fun, exciting, a lil scary but turned out to be worth the while at the end and a great one for me and my family.  I have been to both Dolphin Cove attractions, in Negril and St. Ann, and both Attractions have got me in “a tell it to the world mood”.  Their staff is well trained, makes me feel comfortable and with them around I felt safe with any activity I was going to take on that day.

I must say that first swimming with the dolphins had me shaking in the knees, but after interacting with such lovely, peaceful, sensible and well trained mammals, it was an experience worth going for.
Dolphin Cove has given me the chance to interact with a sea creature that I have always seen on television and wondered about them; and for actually seeing and touching them makes me feel as if I am starring in my own movie.

To have such an attraction here is wonderful as kids and adults are kept in amazement with their shark show, stingrays, pirates, birds, iguana and not to mention their camels who I have gotten the chance to touch for the first time in my life as well, such wonderful animal.

Kadene with Camel in Dolphin Cove, Negril
I raise my hat to Dolphin Cove for bringing this attraction to Jamaica so others can experience what I have experienced there and for starring in my own show, imagine “having dolphins push you by the feet and raising you out of the sea water” that is an awesome experience and feeling; thank you Dolphin Cove.

I will and keep on recommending family and friends to Dolphin Cove as when you need a lil get away and fun Dolphin Cove is the right place to get that done, with such lovely animals surrounding you and nature itself, plus doing stuff that maybe you have never dreamt of doing.  Dolphin Cove keep up the excellent work you have one satisfied customer here who will never stop coming there.

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