Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dolphin Cove Experience - Contestant : Rochelle Carter

My amazing experience at Dolphin Cove occurred this past March. I had never had the opportunity to swim with Dolphins before so when we decided to take a vacation in Jamaica I knew that I was doing the swim with Dolphin excursion even if nobody else in my group wanted to join me. 

Dolphin Cove offers different packages but for me I knew I had to spend as much time with the Dolphins as possible and that is the swim. The ride to Dolphin Cove was great as the very knowledgeable tour guide gave us some history about Jamaica on the ride over. 

When we arrived the staff was so courteous as we learned that our swim would be the last swim of the day. We had time to enjoy the shark show and shop while we waited for our turn to swim. I was so impressed with the Dolphin Trainers and the love they show for these wondrous animals. I could feel the love that the animals and trainers showed for one another by merely observing the interactions between them.

I had watched the trainers and other patrons all day so I was filled with excitement when it became our turn. Words can’t describe my experience in the water with the Dolphins. I was almost brought to tears as I experienced the swim. I always loved Dolphins but I never knew how much until that very moment. We were in the water for approximately 30 minutes. We got to touch the Dolphins and interact with them a lot during the 30 minutes. I met one lady in our group that was on her 5th excursion at Dolphin Cove and believe me when I say I can see why so many times after my encounter. The trainers were awesome and the experience is one that I hope to have many more times. 

After the swim we went to the video room where the whole experience was captured on video and single pictures of yourself and the Dolphins are available to buy. I couldn’t resist I had to buy all the pictures plus the video so I could show all my friends and family what I had experienced. Since then I have had several friends that have also had the great opportunity to swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove.

I am 38 years old and I have to say thank you Dolphin Cove for the absolute best experience thus far in my life!

Feel the Love!

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