Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dolphin Cove Experience (Negril) - Contestant : Brienne Mallett

I visited Jamaica back in September 2009 with my mother for the very first time.  She is very timid and did not even put one toe in the water for fear of some sort of freak shark attack.  I wanted to experience so much there, but just wasn't able to convince her to do so.  She was happy sitting on the beach and looking at the water.  I feel like she missed so much, and that it would be a great thing for her to go back and try again.  Jamaica did have a lot of beautiful scenery, but I would just love for her to be more actively engaged the next time.  I think Dolphin Cove would provide a great 2nd chance for her!  The picture that I took was from the pier area, as Dolphin Cove had not yet opened, but we were given a pre-tour from Sunset Beach Resorts.  We enjoyed the scenery and the cool gift shop. 

Dolphin Cove, Negril before Grand Opening

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