Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Jeni Hillier - An Account from a Frequent Guest of Dolphin Cove

My best experience of Dolphin Cove is every time I have have been there.  

As I arrive in the parking lot there are always welcome greetings and smiles and these greetings are everywhere I go. l find that I have a permanent smile on my face and in my heart.  

I start my day off with a “Dean Special” (the best coffee) and just watch the Dolphins giving me their private show.  They just make me laugh.  I take a slow walk through the forest and enjoy listening to the water dripping off the foliage.  I check out the goats and the spiders and the birds.  It is just so peaceful.  I then wander down to the beach, where again, I get welcomed.  I settle down with my book, which I never read, as I am too busy drinking in the beautiful scenery and having great conversations with the staff and other guests.

Then!  It’s my turn to swim with the Dolphin’s.  I cannot describe the feeling of wonder that gives me.  They are so amazing and soft and their eyes seem to always have a bit of mischief in them.  I remember there was a young woman who wanted to swim with the Dolphin’s but she was so scared of the water.  The Trainer took her to the platform and got the two Dolphin’s to come up so she could feel them and have her picture taken with them.  It’s really hard to explain the total look of pleasure on that woman’s face.  I am sure she will never forget that experience and neither will I.  It was the thoughtfulness of the Trainers that made her experience complete. 

Jeni hanging with her girls Beta and Cometa
Having a blast!

I also enjoyed experience the feel of the stingrays and the roughness and power of the sharks.  Something else I enjoy is going to the little bar and letting Mr. Cole surprise me with one of his special drinks and just listening to his stories.  

Another highlight is watching the little school children, with the absolute joy on their faces as they dance around.  I think the staff have just as much fun too!!!  

The Pirates scare me every time I walk past.  You think I would learn after the first time.  They are such fun.  

Then there is the food!!!  What a banquet.  I usually eat too much as it is so hard to make choices!! 

I just want to say thanks to all the management and staff who always make my Dolphin Cove visits memorable experiences.

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