Monday, 16 January 2012

Dolphin Cove Experience, Negril - Contestant : Christine Corson

My Dolphin Cove experience was in January 2011 with my brother at Dolphin Cove in Negril.
We were staying in Montego Bay at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Hotel and when we were looking at excursions to go on during our trip, swimming with the dolphins was a definite MUST DO!!
We arranged our trip with JTL Tours and had "Darlene" as our tour guide on our bus trip to and from Dolphin Cove in Negril.   
Bill and Christine with Darlene their guide
Now, my brother Bill told Darlene how much he was looking forward to swimming with and kissing the dolphins, and Darlene bugged my brother the whole way on the bus about his wanting to kiss a dolphin.  It was hilarious!  Everybody on the bus was having a laugh.  (I think you need to get Darlene of JTL tours on a Dolphin experience at Dolphin Cove as she actually seemed a little scared of dolphins!)
We arrived at Dolphin Cove in Negril, and before we took part in our planned dolphin interactions we were treated to an information session.  We were told about the dolphins and Dolphin Cove and learned many amazing facts and had any of our questions answered.
My brother and I then took part in our "swim with the dolphins" experience and got to play and interact directly up close and personal with two dolphins!  We did the foot push (up in the air pushed by the dolphins, like superman or superwoman!), a dorsal pull (holding on to the dorsal fins of the two dolphins as they swam), and had some dolphin kisses, dances, laughs, and splashes.  We even hugged and held the dolphins and felt their dolphin hearts beat!  Amazing...
Foot push
Dorsal Pull

Enjoying a hug!
Last but not least, we were able to touch and then hold a gentle young female stingray!
Beautiful stingrays (barbs clipped)
Everybody in their lifetime should plan a visit to Dolphin Cove to experience all their interactive activities and most specifically the wonder and joy of being around dolphins!  They are such gentle, kind, majestic creatures. 
A word of advice:  If you can swim, most definitely go for the top package "Swim with the Dolphins"! 
Christine gets a kiss from two of Dolphin Cove's gentle Bottlenose Dolphins

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